Kostoglotov - Love Song for Broken Buildings

Kostoglotov (or Daryl Worthington as he's otherwise known) is a London based musician who first came to our attention via the two albums he's passed on to Wonderful Wooden Reasons.  I loved them!  He makes beautiful post-Cluster, neo-Krautrock electronica full of light and colour and Quiet World is delighted to bring you this new excursion into his world.

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Kostoglotov sounds Russian but he is in fact Daryl Worthington from London. He has had two albums on Wonderful Wooden Reasons and the cover states that all music was 'recorded at home, surrounded by broken things'. I assume the synths used here weren't broken. Quiet World mentions Cluster and surely an excellent point of reference. It has that Farfisa sound, breezy and hissy, and the setting called 'strings' is used a lot. In 'Some Lights (Song For Umez)' there is also something more high end, and a tinkering rhythm, which makes this a bit more experimental, and not a mere copy of anything Cluster did in the 70s. Sometimes he used sheer silence, and low end bass to create a piece, as in 'Broken Building' or 'Cement'. I thought this was wonderful, great, light music. Cosmic music of course, but much, much lighter than what usually passes for cosmic. Excellent release!
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