Matthew Shaw - Sandbanks

Matthew is a musician operating out of Dorset in the UK.  He runs the Apollolan label and is a regular collaborator with both Brian Lavelle (as Fougou) and Andrew Paine (as Blue Tree) both of whom are Scottish residents which means they live about as far from Matthew as it's possible to get on the British mainland.

This is what Matthew had to say about Sandbanks.
'Recorded exclusively on the Sandbanks peninsular at Poole in Dorset, Sandbanks has an interesting and varied history.
It can still be viewed without very much effort as a prehistoric landscape, in many ways it has a primordial quality to it. At times the light almost rivals that of the west Penwith Peninsular. Beyond the current trend of millionaires houses, holiday makers, day trippers, pleasure cruisers and ice cream kiosks there is a hidden Sandbanks. The sandbanks that reaches back in time, to Marconi’s early radio experiments, faded art deco grandeur, the still tangible traces of fishing as a livelihood, a timeless quality with the sound of the sea and the floating bridge for company. These two recordings we’re made by day and night over a week in early 2012.'

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Sumptuous set of heady drone invocations by Matthew Shaw (Tex La Homa/Fougou et al): two stunning long-form visions of the crossing at the end of the land. Part one is titled “Solar” and feels like a slow-motion sunrise, with guitar, voice, field recordings and phonography combining in the languorous ascension style of the Cosmic Couriers circa Tarot. Second track, “Lunar”, utilises accordion and phonography to float all the way out, with soft accordion exhalations set against the slow silver of the waves. Mesmerising.
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