Brian Lavelle - My hands are ten knives

Brian is a musician based out of Edinburgh.  He has been producing work both solo and in partnership with foks such as Andrew Paine & Alistair Crosbie (as Space Weather), Matthew Shaw (as Fougou) and Richard Youngs.  He was previously the head of the techNOH label but these days can be found fronting his Dust, Unsettled label.

I've been in contact with Brian for a while now since being utterly enthralled by his 'How to Build a Time Machine' album with his music featuring regularly in Wonderful Wooden Reasons ever since.  He was always near the top of the list for people to release on Quiet World and I'm ecstatic that it's been realised with this utterly sublime piece of minimal drone.

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Then we move on to Brian Lavelle, who recording career is hard to follow: sometimes he seems active and then for quite some time very silent. His thirty minute piece 'My Hands Are Ten Knives' is made with electric guitar, sine tones, field recordings, piano, electronics and voice (Jill Lavelle) and 'designed to be listened to at medium to low volume'. It's easy to understand why, as two-third of the piece consists of very slow building sine waves. It opens however with a more open drone thing, made from far away field recordings, e-bow guitars and already those sine waves, with occasionally a plink on the guitar and in the second half perhaps (perhaps not) a humming voice. It's indeed a very meditative kind of music, and one that works well. Mysterious music, played with great finesse.
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