Welcome to Quiet World.

Out today is 'The Phantasmagoria' by The British Space Group.  This is the collected version of the three 'Phantasms' Eps that I've released over the last 6 years and the first time any of them have appeared on disc.

In a first for us the album can be bought directly from the Bandcamp page which means you also get and instantly available digital copy also.

These radiophonic miniatures are a homage to the musicians and the creators of film, TV and books who helped define my tastes.  The BSG is a very personal venture for me and very much runs hand in hand with the enormous amount of fun I'm having churning through old (and occasional new) books, films, television and music over on my Wyrd Britain blog.

As you can see it's been a while since there's mean much to post about around here but i'm happy to report that just over 8 months since my accident I am now mostly mobile (with the occasional help of a stick) and things are starting to get back to normal. 

There are a few releases lined up for the next couple of months as much of what was planned for last year had to be temporarily shelved but we have a couple of real treats lined up.  Firstly though we are happy to bring you the third and final part of Ian's Phantasms project - incidentally now attributed to The British Space Group.  As with the other parts this has been made available digitally but within a fortnight we will be issuing all three parts on one CD under the umbrella name, 'The Phantasmagoria'.  We will, of course, announce it here and on the Facebook page when it's ready.

Been quite around these parts lately as I'm still recovering from the fall I had back in July - I broke a rib, my left elbow and, most seriously, I destroyed my right tibial plateau and split the tibia in two.  It now looks like a mecanno set and it's been almost 6 months since i walked without either pain or crutches.
I am getting there though and there have been two new British Space Group things added to the Bandcamp page.

On the subject of Bandcamp and in the spirit of Xmas I've just made the entire contents of the page available en masse at a 80% discount.  Go on, treat yourself by clicking the image here.

Hope you all have a great xmas and a very happy new year and I'll see you in 2016 for what will hopefully be a more productive and pain free year.


The CDr  edition of 'Eyes Turned Skyward' by 'The British Space Group' is out today.
The album is £6.50 for those of you in the UK and £8 for the ROW.
It is of course still available as a digital download from the Quiet World Bandcamp page.

After a long and much needed break we have our first release of 2015 in the shape of 'Eyes Turned Skyward' by Ian Holloway's new project, 'The British Space Group'.
Due to some small problems the CD version won't be available for at least another week but in the meantime I've decided to allow the digital version to run free.
You can hear / buy the album on the Quiet World Bandcamp page.
Read a short blog post about it (while listening) at the blog.
And join the Facebook page.

Not gone just resting. 
New project and new music coming soon.
check out the facebook page here.

Now available from our Bandcamp page is our fiftieth release 'There is Nowhere Here' by Ian Holloway; a compilation of some of Ian's favourite rare and unreleased tracks from the past 5 years.

Out today is our first release of 2014, 'Collodion Intermission IV' by Andrew Paine
More info on it's release page.
Buy it via the shop.

Also new to the shop are copies of Banks Bailey's recent release on Darren Tate's Fungal label, 'A Listening of Stones' which we forgot we had and also copies of 'Transitions', Ian Holloway's final album as Psychic Space Invasion from about 8 or so years ago a box of which has recently come to light.

Loads of new updates have gone up over on the Wonderful Wooden Reasons website. Hope you enjoy.

Hello. It's the beginning of April and I've finally got enough of a gap in my busy to stop for two minutes and say hi and explain what's going on with Quiet World and Wonderful Wooden Reasons. Since Xmas I've been frankly absurdly busy chasing my tail around the seemingly never ending piles of grading and admin work thrown up by my day job (music lecturer) whilst also suffering a bit of a relapse of some health issues I had a few years back.
As I'm sure is the case with many of you being able to pay the bills takes precedence over everything else and so, with the exception of a couple of weeks where it was just too difficult to get out of bed I stuck my head into my workload and kept it there. This meant of course that other things had to, temporarily, fall by the way side. Namely QW & WWR. Neither of them are gone though, far from it in fact. In a couple of weeks time there will be a new release on QW from Scottish musician Andrew Paine.
Whenever possible I have been scribbling down some notes on what I've been listening to and there are a few half written reviews sitting in my notebook that I will try and kick into shape over the next few days and get them online.
My apologies to you all for the lack of updates and info but I haven't had much opportunity to stop by and post and on the rare occasion when I had time I didn't have the inclination and usually opted for either eating or sleeping. I'm odd like that.
Anyway, the workload has lightened a little for the next couple of weeks at least and whilst I'm not feeling 100% I am certainly feeling better so I'm hoping to take the opportunity to get some stuff done.
Peace and love to you all and I'll be back in a day or two with some postings.
Ian H

Hello and Merry Xmas to you all.  As a gift for all your support over the last year here is a recording of the gig Susan Matthews and I (Ian) played at The Parrot in Carmarthen a short while ago. I hope you enjoy.

Out today on Quiet World is the fantastic new album from The Dead Mauriacs called 'Sans chapeau, visité d'hallucinations'.  It's available to purchase from the shop and you can find more details and an audio sample here.

Ian's 'The World After Autumn' is now available from the shop.  More info on it here.

Available today on the Quiet World Bandcamp page is the digital version of the new album from Ian Holloway called 'The World After Autumn'.  There was a slight issue with the sleeve design but the CDR version should be available from Thursday the 21st.

We are pleased to bring you two new releases this week.
The first is the newest album from Ian Holloway called, 'The World After Autumn'.
It'll be available from Thursday (21st) but you can find a sneak preview over on it's release page - here.

The second, by the amazing Dead Mauriacs will be available next weekend.  More info to follow.

The new print issue (#22) of Ed Pinsent's fabulous Sound Projector magazine is out now and features an interview with Ian Holloway amongst it's 180 pages.  I'm a huge fan of The Sound Projector and the end of the year print issue is always a highlight but never more so than this.

I'm in the middle of a clearout and some bits and bobs have come to light that may be of interest to some of you.
I've just found three copies of the 'Dark Meadow's Lonely Christmas vol. 2'  4 disc box set (featuring me (Ian Holloway), B.Lone Engines, Syrinx, Mystified and loads more).  I didn't sell them at the time because the cases got a bit mangled in the post and the ink on the inserts had bled onto the front of the discs.  Obviously they are still perfectly playable but not i think sellable so I'm offering them up to you for postage cost only. 
Being 4 discs in a DVD box they are a little heavy (180g) so the postage is...
£1.40 UK, £3.80 Europe & £4.80 ROW

If you'd like to grab one of these then message me at the usual Quiet World email address.

Happy Halloween folks.
Just a quick update today to let you all know that there are some new reviews online over at Wonderful Wooden Reasons.
I've adopted a new format for the zine with much shorter updates that mean I can fit it in around my day job much easier and, hopefully, more often.  hope you enjoy.

Also, I just uploaded a new mix covering some of the music I've written about in Wonderful Wooden Reasons over the course of October.  You can find it here.

I have a couple of copies left of the CDR-EP given away at last nights show - one track each from Susan & Ian.  A copy can be yours for the price of postage - £1.20 UK or £3.50 ROW (Yes, that really is how extortionate the UK postal service has become - sorry)

Last night was the debut live duo show from Ian Holloway and Susan Matthews (which I utterly forgot to promote here - oops) at The Parrot in Carmarthen. 
I (Ian) would just like to take this opportunity to send much love to The Parrot crew of Matt, Si & Aled for once again proving that they are the coolest and friendliest venue it has ever been my pleasure to visit let alone play at.
It was amazing fun with my fabulous co-conspirator Susan on top form and coping amazingly well with my usual "i wonder what this button does" playing style.
thanks to everyone who made it along. I hope you enjoyed.

We are sold out of copies of Philip Corner's 'Through the Mysterious Barricades'.  You are recommended to contact one of the following who may still have copies in stock - Art Into LifeRumpsti Pumsti, Fragment Factory and Improvised Music From Japan.

We are now sold out of Ian Holloway & Banks Bailey's 'Strange Pilgrims'.  It is still available as a digital download from here.

A lovely review of 'Entrances' by Banks Bailey has been published over in The Sound Projector.  Unfortunately the album is long out of print here but kind words are always appreciated so our thanks to Ed and Hannah.

We are now sold out of both Matthew Shaw's 'Sandbanks' and Colin Andrew Sheffield's 'Time Will Tell'.

Some excellent reviews of Philip Corner's 'Through the Mysterious Barricades', Ian Holloway & Banks Baileys' 'Strange Pilgrims', Kostoglotov's 'Love Songs for Broken Buildings', B.Lone Engines' 'Albion Geared' and Brian Lavelle's 'My hands are ten knives' in the new issue of Vital Weekly - here

All are still available from the Quiet World shop.

Out now is the newest Quiet World release from Fluxus composer Philip Corner called 'Through the Mysterious Barricades at Holysloot, Holland'.  Like his previous release for us it is an expanded edition of 100 copies each with a signed and numbered Quiet World card.  50 of which are already gone so if you're interested in getting hold of a copy don't hang around. 
It's available for the usual price of £6.50 (UK) and £7.50 (ROW).  Please contact us here to check availablitiy before ordering.
More info and an audio extract here

The first part of a little download project that Ian Holloway has been tinkering with has gone online.  It stems from a conversation regarding overt quietness in compostition but in Ian's version it is recordings of places where vistors exercise deliberate quietness.  The first issue of what is planned to be a short series of download releases features two places of worship in Dingle, Ireland.  The first a now disused convent chapel and the second, the town's church.  More info can be found on the individual track pages.  here's the link to the album - (un)Quiet Spaces.

Those of you with a fondness for Ian Holloway's music may want to visit Susan Matthew's Siren Wire website where you can pre-order a copy of his ' Somnia ' album. 

With our new release from him (moderately) imminent we are pleased to be able to bring you Philip Corner's 'Quiet Understandings' as a digital download via our Bandcamp page.

Quietude #11: The Kaleidoscopic Library is now online featuring a selection of European Library and Soundtrack music.

Another new Quietude mix has just gone online.  This one is a tribute to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

The new issue of Wonderful Wooden Reasons is now online.

A new edition of our occasional Quietude mix series - Quietude #9: Saturday Tastes Blue - has been uploaded to our Mixcloud page.

Ian's long term, and very part-time, side-project - inexplicbly named 'The Interplanetary Love Orchestra' - has uploaded a new track to YouTube.  There's more on this over in the blog.

The second of this weekends new releases is available today.  'Love Song for Broken Buildings' by Kostoglotov.  It's a fabulous piece of Cluster-like electronica.  You can get more info and hear a track on it's release page or simply head to the shop and grab a copy.

This weekend we are launching two new releases on the world.  The first of these is the new collaborative piece from Ian Holloway & Banks Bailey called 'Strange Pilgrims'.  It's available in hard copy from the shop or digitally from its page on the Quiet World Bandcamp.

Please do come and say hello at the Quiet World & Wonderful Wooden Reasons facebook page.

Released today is the 25 track anti-Badger cull compilation organised by our old friend Ed Plenderleith of the band Syrinx (and formerly of Dark Meadows recordings).  It features tracks by various Quiet World alumni such as Ian Holloway, Syrinx and B.Lone Engines amongst a host of others all for £5 to a worthwile cause.

After a quiet month or two I am pleased to announce the beginning of our summer extravaganza of releases with Brian Lavelle's 'My hands are ten knives'.  It's available now from the shop.

I just put a new entry on the blog with a write up, photos and a (very) short video clip of Ian's gig at the Parrot, Carmarthen yesterday.

I'm (Ian) playing my first gig in about 10 years tonight at the Parrot bar in Carmarthen South Wales.  I'm very nervous but it should be fun.

I thought i'd take this opportunity to remind people about the FREE Quiet World label sampler that is downloadable from our Bandcamp page here.
Also I've just uploaded a copy of the very first album I made under my old Psychic Space Invasion pseudonym, 'This Quiet World', and because I love you dearly it is also FREE.

Today I am offering to you a new digital release called 'Heliostasis'.  It's available from the Quiet World Bandcamp site for the bargain price of £2.50 (as are all our other digital releases).

The new issue of Wonderful Wooden Reasons is now online.

To commemorate the 50th day of 2013 (not really) we have a digital release from Ian Holloway called 'A Skin of Glass'.  It's available exclusively from the Quiet World Bandcamp page for the usual bargain price of £2.50.

The first issue of Wonderful Wooden Reasons for 2013 is now online.  This time out it also features a substantial book update.  Hope you enjoy.

The CD of Tangletree is now sold out from us here - Colin Potter at ICR Distribution has some left as do Art Into Life in Japan.  Digital copies can still be bought from our Bandcamp page.

------------------------ WE ARE 10!!! ------------------------

Hello and welcome to 2013 Quiet World 10th year of existence. Yay us!
Truthfully , not all of it was as Quiet World we were Elvis Coffee Records or ECRecords for a chunk of it but same label so happy birthday us.

To celebrate I am going to be releasing lots, a plethora even, of good music over the next year starting today with the new album from Matthew Shaw (also of Fougou (with Brian Lavelle) and Blue Tree (with Andrew Paine) called 'Sandbanks'.  It's available from the shop and you can here an extract at it's release page.

The big, bouncy, bumper Best of 2012 issue of Wonderful Wooden Reasons is now online.  It's got my top ten of the year along with those of various friends and family. 
I'd also like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for 2013.

Out now is the new collaboration between Ian Holloway and Darren Tate called 'Tangletree'.  It's a big, noisy shruti box and guitar drone piece especially suited for drowning out the festive period.  Physical copies available from the shop and digital from Bandcamp.

Two new Ian Holloway digital releases have hit the Quiet World Bandcamp site today - truthfully one's been there for couple of weeks but I forgot to mention it here (oops!).
The first is a deep dark soundscape called 'The Thoughts of Rivers' that was originally, in an abridged form, scheduled to come out on Dark Meadows recordings but since that label is no more (Hi Ed, Hope things are good with you) I decided to release it here instead.
The other is the second in the series of home recordings made during rehearsals for a return to live performance in 2013.  It's called, funnily enough 'Rehearsal Two'.
The former can be found here and the latter is here.
Hope you enjoy.

New issue of Wonderful Wooden Reasons is now online.

I've been keeping quiet about this for a few months now but I can finally announce the newest Quiet World release.
We are very pleased to be able to bring you the latest album by Fluxus composer and improviser Philip Corner.  'Quiet Understandings', is a set of 4 piano improvisations recorded in February 1997 and unavailable until now.
This album is available in a larger edition than is usual from us (100 copies) and each copy comes complete with a signed and numbered Quiet World card. 
More details and a sample can be found on the release page and it's available to buy from the shop.

Just in to the shop are copies of the new Darren Tate release on Fungal - Calm in a Teacup:1986/87 - for which Ian designed the cover.  Since the mid 80s Darren and his friends (Andrew Chalk, Colin Potter, etc) have been at the heart of British drone music.  This is a great chance to hear the music that helped shape the scene.

With a return to live performance in the offing I (Ian) have been re-aquainting myself with my toys.   The results of this weekends rehearsals can be heard, in all their 'warts and all' glory, here.  Hope you enjoy.

A small illness has kept things quiet here over the last few weeks but things are afoot.
In the meantime, and if you haven't already, the please feel free to grab a copy of our FREE label sampler from here.
And come and say hi at our Facebook page.

I have here 3 copies of 'No Longer Here' the new album by Darren Tate on Colin Potter's ICR label that I designed the sleeve for a little while back.
The music has been extensively remixed by Colin making this is a new Monos album in everything but name. Grab it while you can.

Two new releases out today. B.Lone Engines - Albion Geared & Ian Holloway - Home.  I've not had chance to do their pages yet but the youtube clips are here (B.Lone) and here (Ian).

Last weekend I (Ian) was very pleased and honoured to be asked by Tessa Garland to collaborate on a video piece to be featured in the show 'Hoopla! a sideways antidote to the 2012 olympics' at the Sugarhouse Studios in Stratford, London.
I've provided a (very) short composition to accompany Tessa's video-loop.
If you're in the area on July 13th please do pop along and show your support.

All our digital releases (except the sampler which is free) are now priced at £2.50. 
We are constantly uploading new music and old to the page; the second Psychic Space Invasion (which is Ian Holloway's old pseudonym in case you didn't know) album 'Book of Dreams' was posted today.

New digital only release from Ian Holloway called 'Pier' available here from our bandcamp site.  It's a phonography of the pier on Mumbles Head, Swansea featuring the games arcade and the sea - above and below the pier, respectively.

Two excellent new reviews of 'Simple Ghosts & Lazy Old Bones' and Heart of Palm's 'Psychopomp' in the May issue of Rumbles.  Our thanks to them.

Two new releases available from today -  'Time Will Tell' by Colin Andrew Sheffield & 'Landscapes' by Syrinx.  Both are now available in the Shop with more info and sound samples to be found via the Releasespage.
In slightly less good news I have had to slightly (by 50 pence) raise the prices of the cds to cover the, frankly exhorbitant, new UK postal prices.  I tried to hold off as long as possible but this was I'm afraid inevitable.  I will, of course, continue to give reductions for multiple orders.

The new label mix I mentioned two posts ago is now available - here - as a FREE DOWNLOAD.  please feel free to share it amongst friends and comrades and help us spread the word.

'All at once the remote...' by Fazio is currently 'Album of the Month' over at Textura.  Our thanks to them for their kind words.

We have a new label mix online featuring snippets from all the albums by the artists we've released during this latest phase of Quiet World along with a couple of sneak previews of upcoming releases.
You can listen either at it's mixcloud page or embedded into our 'about' page.

New issue of Wonderful Wooden Reasons is now online with audio mix.  The link to the zine is over on the left in case you've not noticed before.

We are now competely sold out of copies of Ian's 'Handle This Wino...'

Susan Matthews has made her fabulous 'A Kiss For The Umbrella Man' album available as a download from her bandcamp page here.
There's a new review of 'Eilat' by Sujo posted (in Italian) over at Sounds Behind the Corner.

Three new reviews of 'These Clockwork Tides', 'A Kiss for the Umberlla Man' & 'Eilat' have been posted at Rumbles.

Two new albums available today from one old friend of Quiet World and one old friend of Wonderful Wooden Reasons.
'Entrances' by Banks Bailey is a sumptuous mix of  his trademark Arizonan field recordings and his own tone and drone music.
the stunning solo guitar mysticism of  'All at once the remote go forth my soul and my seeking, the unknowable becomes known' by (Mike) Fazio.

We've just sold our last copy of Darren's 'Rotate' album, sorry folks.

Two lovely new reviews of 'These Clockwork Tides' and 'Simple Ghosts & Lazy Old Bones' have been posted by Richard Allen over at A Closer Listen.

Just added to the shop are 5 copies of the brand new Darren Tate album 'Rotate' released in a very limited edition on his own Fungal label.  I'm listening to it as I type and it's fantastic.

Also, the new issue of Vital Weekly features reviews of both 'Simple Ghosts & Lazy Old Bones' and 'Psychopomp'.

The error has been rectified and the discs have been re-reproduced and 'Psychopomp' by Heart of Palm is once more available from the shop.

Come say hi at our facebook page

'TimeNecrotic', Ian Holloway's new digital exclusive release is now online.  More info at its release page.

Unfortunately there's a problem with the Heart of Palm album and I'm going to have to scrap the run.  I'll announce here when they are available again.

Another excellent review for the Sujo album has turned up.  It's not a zine I've seen before but thank you goes out to them for their kind words - A Closer Listen

Out today is 'Psychopomp' by the very wonderful Heart of Palm.  Those of you reading Wonderful Wooden Reasons and listening to the mixcloud mixes will know how much I love the music these fellas make and so I am very pleased to be able to offer their new album to you. 
Info and sample track on the release page.  Album available in the shop.

Out today is 'Simple Ghosts & Lazy Old Bones' by Ian Holloway, Rhodri Thomas & Stephen Jones.  More info and the link for download is available from it's release page or you can head over to the shop and grab yourself a copy of the limited edition CDR.

Happy new year to all our friends and supporters.  I hope the year ahead is filled with wit and wonder.

Newly added to the Quiet World Bandcamp page is Ian Holloway's 'The Prescient Machine'.  Originally released in 2009 as a split cassette on Agharta Tapes you can now grab a digital copy direct from us - here

Merry Xmas folks.
Circumstances dictated that we never had chance to make a xmas cd for our regular customers this year so here is a free download of an unreleased and very noisy little something from the vaults.  Hope you enjoy and have a very merry xmas. 'Gold, Frankincense & Murder'.

There's a sneak preview track from one of our next releases, 'Simple Ghosts & Lazy Old Bones', posted on YouTube - here

Out today on Dark Meadow Recordings is their darkly (un)festive xmas album, 'Lonely Xmas Vol. 2', which features an exclusive track by Ian Holloway called 'Riddle Man Ran'.

Susan Matthews - A Kiss For The Umbrella Man is now sold out.  Sorry.

Ian Holloway & Darren Tate - The Earth in Play is now sold out.

Released today is the new album from Susan Matthews, 'A Kiss for the Umbrella Man'.
If you head over to it's release page you'll find more info and a sample video.  Alternatively you may like to head for the shop and grab a copy before they're gone.

Out today is the new album from Ian Holloway, 'These Clockwork Tides'.  There's more info and a couple of videos over on it's release page.  Copies are, as ever, on sale in the shop.

We are very pleased to announce the release of 'Eilat' the fantastic new album from Sujo.  Regular readers of Wonderful Wooden Reasons will be aware of my love affair with his work and I am overjoyed to present this album to you. 
More info (including audio sample) about Eilat on the release page. and you can grab a copy from the shop.
This is the first of a series of releases over the next year featuring some of my favourite musicians.  All are presented in a limited edition of 50 copies and come with individually signed and numbered business cards.

A lovely review of 'A Slow Feather Falls' has appeared in Ed Pinsent's very wonderful Sound Projector

I am very pleased and honoured to announce that on 28th of this month the Exotic Pylon radio show will feature an exclusive Quiet World mix.  More details of other shows at the link.

There are plans afoot here for lots of cool things over the next year.  The first part of the plan was fulfilled last week.  The second part came together today.  Expect more news as I'm able to announce it.

We have just added a couple of copies of Ian's 'Silent Spring' album to the shop.

Those of you with 1970's Action Man Eagle Eye vision will notice that there is a new link in the menu over there on the left.  We have now archived all our videos on the site.  Hope you enjoy.

Now in the shop is the brand new album from Banks Bailey - 'While the Mourning Cloak Sleeps' on Darren Tate's Fungal label.  We only have a couple of copies of this lovely and very limited album so be quick.

There's a new video posted in the blog (see link to left).  Hope you enjoy.

New issue of Wonderful Wooden Reasons is now online (link on the left).  Also the WWR site has had a bit of an overhaul with a newly alphabetised book section.  Enjoy.

Hidden amongst Ian's discography are a number of albums that will never be re-issued by us either physically or as paid downloads.  As such we are making them available to you for free!  Aren't we kind.

You can download 'Itto - Sound on an Empty Road' by clicking here
You can download 'Jebus - The Ants Are Eating My Head' by clicking here

more to follow.

First review of 'A Slow Feather Falls' is in the current issue of Vital Weekly - thanks Franz.

Released today is the new album from Ian Holloway & Banks Bailey, 'A Slow Feather Falls'.  For more information please head over to the shop.

in other news Ian's long delayed follow up to his loop album of 2006, Pendulum, is finally nearing completion.  The music is complete as is most of the packaging.  Just the cover image and the title to decide on.  It should be available sometime in the summer.  Those not keen on waiting should maybe click here for a video featuring one of the tracks.

New Quietude mix (#5) is now online - here.

They keep on coming thick and fast.  Out today exclusively for download is the 2nd in Ian's four album sequence of music inspired by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop - 'Phantasms II'

Don't forget we are now facebook friendly  - Quiet World Facebook - stop by and say hi. It'll be good to meet you

Issue 39 of Wonderful Wooden Reasons is now online as is Quietude #4.

Another new album from Ian called 'Silent Spring' is available today from Dark Meadows Recordings as part of their POD project.  It's £2 to buy or FREE to download.  More info and sleeve at the blog.

Quietude #3 is now online.
Quietude for those that don't know is our occasional mix of other types of music i dig that doesn't normally get featured in the WWR mixes.
Check out the player in the blog.

New album from Ian Holloway called 'Passing Through Occasionally' is now available on Phonospheric.
More details and sound sample at the blog.

Issue 38 of the now fortnightly Wonderful Wooden Reasons is now online.
Read the blog for more details.

After a long break of enforced inactivity due to ill health and varioius other commitments 2011 will see a raft of new music from Ian Holloway.  The first is a download only long drone piece called 'A thorn may pick you but a falls tounge even more' and is now available from here.  Hope you enjoy.  More info on the other releases as soon as I know more.

Released today exclusively for download is the new mini-album from Ian Holloway entitled Phantasms.
Click here for more info.

Just added to the shop is the new album from Darren Tate called 'Late Afternoon (for Keijo)'.  Stock is limited. - SORRY, SOLD OUT.

I'm slowly remodelling large parts of this site.  If you head over to the Releases page you'll now see links to info, reviews and streaming audio for many of our releases.  More will be added over the coming weeks.

Due to a complete lack of shelf space I've decided to have a sale of much of my CD collection.  I've kept the prices low and the proceeds will go towards paying for next years site hosting both for here and for the WWR site.

First review of 'The Earth In Play' is in and it's a corker.  Thanks to Frans at Vital Weekly for his kind words.
The new issue isn't online as i type this but you can read the review in our archive here.

There are a variety of new items in the shop - some books and the new album from Darren Tate called The Night.
Out in about  a weeks time is our latest release - Ian Holloway & Darren Tate - The Earth in Play.  Ian's been working on this on and off for about a year and it's really rather fab.  More info when it's back from the printers.

Quiet World now has a Facebook fanpage. Come search for us and say hello.  It'll be good to meet you.

Out now is the new album from Ian Holloway called 'Handle this wino like he was an angel: Baubles & Gewgaws 2002-2008'.  The album consists of a set of out-takes and detours from the sessions for the 7 Psychic Space Invasion albums.  It's like almost nothing you've ever heard from Ian before, the closest approximation would be the Ashram Psych Tip christmas album from a couple of years back.  If you'd like to try before you buy then the full album can be streamed here.

Just published is a nice review of The Prescient Machine with an accompanying interview with Ian.  you can find it here.

Happy new year to you all. I hope you had a fine xmas and that 2010 brings you all the peace, love and happiness that you could ever want, need or handle.
To set your year off to a nice start i've just posted the latest issue of Wonderful Wooden Reasons which apart from the usual reviews of new releases has a huge selection of Best of 2009 lists from various musicians and labels associated with the zine.

We are pleased to announce the release of Ian Holloway & Banks Bailey - A Brief Sojourn.  Currently available exclusively through our shop.  Other locations to follow presently.  Also available today is the new split cassette on Agharta featuring Ian Holloway and Andreas Brandal.  More details at the link given in the previous post.

Coming soon on the Agharta label out of Lithuania is a new very limited split cassette release featuring Ian Holloway.  I'm not a hundred percent sure who the other artist is but Ian's side is a 29 minute dark drone piece called 'The Prescient Machine'.  we're only getting a couple of copies of this so we probably won't have any to sell.  If you'd like a copy then please contact Arma at the label.











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