Philip Corner - Quiet Understandings

In early summer 2012 I was immensely pleased to be contacted by Philip Corner with the idea of releasing some of his astonishing music through Quiet World.  I jumped at the chance to do so and this set of piano improvisations became the resulting album.  Below is what Philip had to say about these recordings.

'I had been practicing near-daily sonic meditations as a "spiritual" practice for about 10 years, starting from the late 80s.  These took the form of "Through the Mysterious Barricade.....after François Couperin" for piano----cf. website of that name;  Gong/Ear, with its variants like "Cymbal Ear" & Ear Body, etc.;  and EarthBreath, for alphorn or other wind instrument.  During that period i did relatively little composed music (for which performers are now reproaching me!)  but i found that i could only "inhabit" one area of my brain at a time.  These were usually recorded but only sent to limited numbers of people---indeed mostly one-per-listener. "Understanding"  is, you-might-say,  an ultimate synthesis of this principle.....pushing improvisation to an end-point of spontaneity where no possible sound-result is anticipated but only the state of mind is prescribed . And  the body too, which must move organically from meditative stimulae,---which gives, it turns out, it own set of limitations.  Nothing must be willfully controlled or pre-thought.  Although it was actually first "risked" in public, at a piano concert in Chiang-Mai, i subsequently "turned it on" for myself alone.  There are numbers of piano recordings, of which this is one.  I also had the occasion to work-it-out on keyboard synthesizers even if i usually object to electric keyboards;  this has turned out to be the optimum publicperformance version, assisted with the electronic "effects" by Phœbe Neville my wife, where we both wear Javanese masks (since not looking at the technical means was a principle from the start).  I expect to bring these recordings out on other discs   but at this time a sample may be experienced at'

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